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Red Flags In Your Branding: Part One

A brand is everything your business stands for. It's what sets you apart from other companies, and it's what can make or break your business. In this series, we'll cover the top red flags you should look out for when determining whether or not your brand resonates with your target audience.

Many small businesses get to a point where they feel like their current brand does not accurately represents the quality of their products or the services they provide. So here are the top red flags to look out for in your brand.

Part One: You Only Have One Logo

No single logo works in every space. You need to have a “logo family” that has multiple layouts.

You should have the following:

1. Main Logo

That is used in most spaces and is a combination of your name and brandmark.

2. Alternate Mark

A smaller space logo for profile images, etc.This includes several types such as a monogram or logo mark.

3. Single Color

All black and all white versions of your logo, including a wordmark logo.

4. Format

Vector (AI) version of your logo for printing, along with your smaller file types like jpeg and png.

5. Logo animation

For videos and intros to draw attention to your brand in a way no image can.

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