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Inconsistency in Your Branding

Red Flags In Your Branding: Part Two

When you take a birds eye view at your profiles, your website, your emails, does it feel like one cohesive entity? Would your consumer be able to recognize your brand without your logo? If not, it's a big red flag because it can give your consumer a skewed perception of your reputation or authenticity.

Here are the top red flags to look out for in your brand, part two:

Inconsistency in Your Branding

Inconsistency in your branding can sabotage your business growth because uniform branding helps to build trust in your business. All forms of communication—not just your graphics or social posts—are key in reinforcing this trust, their mental association and impression of your company; and ultimately, helping customers understand how your product or service applies to them.

Your branding should have three main components:

  • Consistent Visual Communication - Your main logo, alternate marks, photos, color scheme, and event down to the font(s) you use, should create instant recognition for your customers. These elements should clearly convey a unified feeling, style, and personality.

  • Consistent Voice - You should have a defined brand voice. This could be friendly, witty, playful, business-casual, etc. The tone that you use should be a unified voice that communicates your influence and reinforces your unique value. This will help your company rise above the noise.

  • Consistent Values - Your business should identify the true values that you stand for and align them with your overall vision. Identify who you are, what you do, who you serve, your goals, your impact, your promise. Create a tagline that summarizes these details and identify at least three key pillars that should act foundationally for your business.

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