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3 Approaches You Should Take With Your Business

Updated: Mar 5

Marketing Strategies That Build a Strong Business Foundation

When I work with a client, whether it’s a small business just getting started or it’s a large company with multiple employees and several facets to their organization, I look at these 3 things first:

Now these three key approaches that I take with all of my clients fall under this umbrella of “Building a Strong Foundation.”

Because no matter how pretty your post is or how dynamic your website may be, if your foundation to your digital presence is weak, no amount of paid advertisement or consistency of posting, will actually work for you. You are working against yourself.

1: Branding and Identity

I’m going to look at my clients current branding and see if they adhere to a consistent look and tone for their business. As well as the overall quality of their logo, color schemes, typography, and messaging. I have some clients that may need a total revamp of their branding while others just need to tighten things up to really drive that brand recognition home.

When you expertly construct your brand identity, you are helping to differentiate your organization from the competition while also building a top-of-mind connection with your consumer.

Unlock the power of professional branding: enlist an expert to craft a compelling logo that not only rivals competitors but sets you apart. Whether collaborating with our skilled team or hiring a freelancer on platforms like Fiverr, resist the temptation to DIY. Professionals bring essential expertise, ensuring your logo and branding guide become strategic assets, not just design elements. Elevate your brand – invest in professional excellence.

2: Your Digital Footprint

Now, I don’t mean how many social media platforms your business has or the fact that you are cross promoting on all of them; which is a good approach. What Im really talking about, is the stuff that no one actually sees. And every business is notorious for skipping this step and its really hurting them. So what I mean by this is the behind the scenes information that is within your website, your social media accounts, even down to the naming of your files. As well as your customer relationship management process.

This is what “they” are referring to when they say things like SEO, keywords, tags, lead generation, etc. SEO is search engine optimization, to put it simply, it’s using traffic-driving keywords and descriptions that help the algorithm or google, to understand and present your content. Which then can help you collect and use that information to find leads or your ideal customer. This crucial step of building this hidden info within your systems, should be completed before ever paying for an ad or boosting a post.

We use SEMrush! They have a site audit tool that is unparelled. If there was only one tool that we could recommend to our clients and colleagues, it would be this one! For us it's not just a feature; it's our absolute favorite and indispensable companion as a business. It ensures our online presence is not just visible but impeccable, which has provided the foundation for our success.

If you're an entrepreneur, just getting started with your business or a marketing expert trying to elevate your digital strategy, SEMrush is the best tool out there. Hands down!

3. Strategies and Tactics

This is where the real fun begins. I will now take a deep dive into the analytics of my client’s business and break down that information to show them where there are opportunities for growth and specify exactly how to get there. We will define achievable goals, create tactics that work, and use strategies that are scalable and measurable. My approach usually follows an integrated marketing style that includes a percentage rule of 60, 30 and 10.

Integrated marketing delivers a unified message across all of your marketing channels, creating a seamless experience for your consumer. Instead of having marketing efforts stand alone, they work together to usher people to where you want them to go in order to advance your big-picture goals. Think about the various entry points to your business- website, social media, emails, events, etc. These are all ways that people come into contact with your work. One-time and recurring customers, Facebook fans, email subscribers…they all come to you for different, personal reasons. Integrated marketing is able to recognize how individuals come to you, how they interact with you, and where their interaction with you has room to grow. Now the 60, 30, 10 rule is something that I developed and its really not a ground-breaking concept but it works.

I would suggest that 60% of my client’s marketing tactics should be of something that has proven to work for them in the past. This could be as simple as the time and day of when they post or perhaps their homepage banner gets the most clicks on their site; so we want to capitalize on that. Then 30% of their tactics would be the tried and true tactics of marketing that they may not be utilizing yet but we know from experience of working with multiple organizations, that they yield results and have a high return on investment. The remaining 10% is what I call the “Wild Card Ideas.” These are tactics that are more of a test but they are little more creative and have great potential for success. Who knows, they might go viral.

Now that I’ve given you a behind the scenes look at my proven technique to marketing any business, no matter the size, product or service, I would take this information and use it to see where you may have holes in your business plan and where you there may be missed opportunities. Marketing should be a priority in business and if it isn’t, your growth could be painfully slow or non existent.

Hi, I’m Megan, CEO of Sabal Solutions. I hope you found this tutorial helpful. If you did, please consider following us as we share actual, helpful tips on how to grow your business through tested and proven marketing and communication tactics. We don’t gatekeeper here, so if you have a question, need assistance with any of the information we’ve provided or would like to utilize the services we offer at Sabal Solutions, message us or schedule a call with us today by visiting or email us at

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